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Audit: Waste Solutions CA approach to Waste Stream Management begins with the Billing Audit. Generally waste hauler invoices are lacking detail and can be difficult to decipher. This can make it very difficult to understand what you are paying for. With years of experience behind Waste Solutions CA we understand the language of the trash bill. We translate their invoice into a comprehensive format that is easily understood. We know precisely where to look for billing errors and how to derive the biggest returns for our clients.

Analyze: Analysis is where other companies fail and Waste Solutions CA excels. We do not simply audit your bills for mathematical errors. We send our team of professionals to your site. Onsite we will see to it that the service level that you are receiving corresponds to the amount that you are being invoiced. We assess how much of your waste stream can be diverted into recycling as well as determine where the high and low flow tenants are on your property. At Waste Solutions CA we understand that every property’s Waste and Recycling needs differ and deserve the time and efforts to be analyzed properly.

Optimize: After carefully analyzing each of your properties, Waste Solutions CA will bring together the most cost efficient waste service plan for your property. By incorporating a comprehensive recycling program that has a hands on approach, and teaming up with the best Waste and Recycling vendors in the industry your new Waste and Recycling plan will not only reduce costs to your overhead, you will receive a sustainable full service Waste Stream Management System. With a loyal vendor base, focused on providing our clients with exceptional service Waste Solutions CA will deliver the result promised.

Manage: After implementing your waste stream management system we continuously monitor and manage the process. We understand how time consuming managing your waste problems can be. Whether it be a school, an apartment complex or a retail shopping center and especially if you have multiple properties . With so many vendors involved such as a waste hauler, a recycle hauler, a bulk item removal company, a trash out company, or a porter service you can spend hours on the phone. Our waste management professionals will handle all of this for our clients. Our goal is that you will never have to think of your waste stream again. We want to be the first and only call that you will need to make.

Payment: With Waste Solutions CA we have reduced the payment process down to one monthly bill. Never again will you have the accounting department processing payables to several vendors for Waste and Recycling services. Let Waste Solutions CA concentrate on managing the payables process for you. By diligently managing this process and by auditing the invoices as they come in monthly we ensure that the invoices are accurate and that you never over pay.