College & Schools

Universities, Colleges and School districts have unique challenges when it comes to managing their waste and recycling needs. With multiple locations and large campuses there are many people that are involved in managing contracts, invoices and services. We consolidate this under our management teams. We cut out different departments and drive accountability so that our team is responsive to all of your waste management needs. This is all that we do and your waste management is our priority. Most waste hauler invoices have little to no detail making it difficult to decipher the expenses that are being charged. Without an understanding of the cost structure it leaves you with no data or leverage to control your costs. At the same time, expenses continue to increase from year to year.

We offer the following services;

a) Negotiate low service rates and request complete fee structures.

b) Manage relationship with trash hauler as well as other vendors unique to your property and waste plan.

c) Optimize waste and recycle service levels while tracking each locations usage so that we can determine the right equipment and services for each property, helping you reduce costs while maximizing diversion of recycling.

d) Recover over-charges. We understand the billing and review each line item so that matches the agreed upon contract term and periodically doing a service audit. If overcharges are found, we request refunds from your vendors and do the follow up.

e) Ensure that your property is clean and that the program is working on a weekly basis. We are your boots on the ground.

f) Manage account payable duties. Ensuring you never pay more than is necessary.

g) Provide reporting that clearly identifies cost savings, current service level, recycling diversion rates and confirming that we are in line with our programs goals.

The Hilldale Group has consistently proven our waste management process. We are confident that we can build a solution to fit your school’s needs. With our process we will drive down cost, increase your recycling diversion rate and create a sustainable waste and recycling program.

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